The European Association for Integrative Therapy and Supervision – EAIT – was founded in 2007. The association is meant to be an umbrella organization of integrative therapists, supervisors, training institutes and organizations for Integrative Therapy in whole Europe.

Main goals of the association are to spread Integrative Therapy as a method of psychotherapy to represent Integrative Therapy in national and international professional communities to encourage and perform scientific research in its field to advance its recognition in the different European countries


So far members come from Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg, France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. In Austria Integrative Therapy is legally recognized as a method of psychotherapy. The Department for Psychosocial Medicine and Psychotherapy is the responsible body for certified training in Integrative Therapy.

Prof. Dr.mult. Hilarion G. Petzold acts as honorary president of the EAIT.

The European Association for Integrative Therapy and Supervision (EAIT) and Norsk forening for integrativ terapi (NFIT) in cooperation with the Supervisors’ network NOSCO in ANSE held The 1. EAIT Conference in Oslo, in June 2019.

We are planning a conference in combination with the general assembly also for 2021/ 2022, for joint competence, inspiration, professional relations and strengthening of ties across the borders. That also provides an excellent opportunity to obtain updates in research in the field.


Here some recordings from Keynote speaker Prof. Dr.mult. Hilarion Petzold held in Oslo, Norway